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Free CAD application for designing & manufacturing electronics hardware

AutoQuad ESC32 V3 for brushless Multirotor Motors

ESC32 V3 - The next Level of electronic Speed Controllers

AutoQuad ESC32 V3 electronic Speed Controller

Specifications for Version 3

PCB size: 34 x 25.6mm
PCB weight : 5.7 grams
Interfaces: USB, Serial, PWM, CAN
Input voltage range 6 to 42 volts (2-10S lipo)
Nominal max power 750 Watts continous, 1000W peak
Absolute max power 1500 watts
Nominal max current 40A
Absolute max current 50A

Features for Version 3

Active freewheeling
Live telemetry over CAN, USB or Serial
Real time current limiter
User configurable current limit
Control via CAN, PWM, USB or Serial
Closed loop RPM mode
Servo mode (experimental)
Closed loop thrust mode (experimental)
8 to 64 KHZ switching rates
Improved error handling with AutoQuad flight controllers using CAN control
Improved logic side supply eliminates the need for external 5V supply
Speaker function

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