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Flyduino KissESC 18A - v1.1

KISS ESC 18A - Keep it super simple.

Sales price: 14,00 €
Tax included: 2,80 €


The KissESC is a new simple, but powerful ESC designed for MultiCopters. It features regenerative braking for super high efficiency.

Includes 1 piece of 18A kiss ESC. No wires is included.



- Developed for Multicopter 

- Very small dimensions (12 x 23 mm) 

- Precision speed control (about 950 steps)

- adaptive Auto Timing

- 32Khz PWM Frequenz

- 50-500Hz input signal(PWM) or oneshot125 (up to 2000Hz)

- no external Cap (electrolytic capacitor) is necessary ** 

- fast reacting gas change

- linear throttle response

- Active freewheeling enabled (little diode losses resulting in higher efficiency) 

- Regenerative braking, therefore quick throttle response when decelerate 

- very fast FET switching through the use of special gate drivers 

- Minimal dead time, setted adaptive

- 2-4S LiPo capable 

- LED onboard

- JP1 opennormal PWM (50-500Hz) 
- JP1 closed: oneshot125 PWM 

- JP2 open: Motor rotates in one direction 
- JP2 closed: Motor rotates in the other direction

(**) For very long LiPo power lines (more than 20cm) or to smooth out the supply, a 100 - 
220uF Low ESR capacitor can be attached to the Lipo power pads.

 Download the Manual here

 Video explaining how to solder KISSes


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