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Autoquad 6 with Digital IMU

Autoquad 6 with Digital IMU


Last chance - only a few left!

AutoQuad6 flight controller with Digital IMU addon - preassembled with all headers and plugs.

The new DIMU addon gives the AQ controller increased precision and is easier to calibrate. There is now a simple "tare" function that allows to fly without going through the whole calibration sequence first. 

Autoquad is a highly advanced system. Please make sure you have read the wiki on, and that you understand what is involved before buying a board.

Viacopter only assumes responsibilty for hardware support under our normal terms and conditons. All software support is community based from


  • DIMU addon premounted. 
  • 9-axis onboard analog IMU and GPS module
  • 2" x 2.5" main board with MK mounting hole pattern
  • Input voltage: 6.5V => 18v
  • High efficiency DC/DC converters
  • STM32F407 32bit Cortex M4 microcontroller @ 168Mhz (1MB flash)
  • Standard Arm 10 pin 0.05" pitch SWD connector footprint
  • 14 general purpose PWM controllers / receivers (powered or un-powered @ 5V/1A)
  • Dedicated Spektrum satellite (remote receiver) 2.4Ghz R/C radio connector
  • uSD card slot driven by 4bit SDIO capable of 100Mb/s transfer (up to 32GB storage)
  • onboard uBlox LEA-6T precision timing GPS module with battery backup and timepulse capture
  • onboard u.fl (Ipex) active GPS antenna connector
  • optional external bi-directional telemetry radio (Xbee, Bluetooth, 433/868) via standard 6 pin FTDI connector - powered up to 1A
  • I2C bus connector for I2C ESC's (or other I2C devices)
  • Onboard 9 DOF analog sensors (3x RATE, 3x ACC, 3x MAG) w/EMI hardening
  • Battery voltage monitor

Kit contents:

  • Autoquad 6 board
  • DIMU addon mounted
  • All headers mounted
  • JST-PH main power wire
  • 35*35mm ceramic 15db active GPS antenna

Needed extras:

  • USB/Serial adapter
  • GPS groundplane or Shielded dome

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