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Many Viacopter products are Made in EU

Many of our products are manufactured by companies from the European Union



Free CAD application for designing & manufacturing electronics hardware

FreeIMU 0.4.3

The all new FreeIMU w/ MPU6050

Sales price: 45,00 €
Tax included: 9,00 €


This is the new FreeIMU V.043 -  10DOF sensor array and Motion Processing Unit in a small unit with the latest sensors.

V 0.43 Features the MPU6050 6axis gyro/accel and Motion processing unit from Invensense, as well as the MS5611 High precision 24bit altimeter.

FreeIMU is designed by Fabio Varesano


MPU6050 6 axis gyro/accel with Motion Processing Unit (MPU)
HMC5883L 3-axis magnetometer (Compass)
MS5611-01BA01 24-bit Highprecision altimeter

Size: 21*22mm, Weight: 2.5 grams

Operation is pure I2C and accel, gyro and magnetometer interrupt pins are available!

Power is supplied by an onboard 3.3V low-noise LDO that can be fed with 3.6 - 6.5V.

i2c operation is at 3.3 volts, so you need to disable internal pullups for AVR and Arduino use, or use a Logic Level Converter!

Note that custumers outside EU have to choose registered mail to buy "tax-free"!


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