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Free CAD application for designing & manufacturing electronics hardware

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Prices and products are listed with reservations for print-errors and discontinued or sold out items. Guarantees, insurance and the like that are printed on product packaging, or otherwise stated by the manufacturer are only factory warranties and has to be satisfied directly from the manufacturer. All products sold at Viacopter are subject to normal EU buyer protection.

Privacy policy
We only save the information necessary to complete your order including name, address, telephone number and email. All information is kept strictly confidential and will never be disclosed or shared with third-parties.

Damaged or lost shipment
If a PostDanmark normal letter is damaged upon receipt, you must complain to PostDanmark - - it's not because we will not deal with such matters, but PostDenmark rules say that it is the reciever - not the sender - has to complain about damaged letter shipments.

If a registered or DHL Express shipment is visibly damaged when you recieve it, you should just reject to accept the parcel or registered letter. It will be returned to us and we can send replacement or give you a refund.

If a parcel, registered letter or DHL Express shipment is lost, we will take care of the matter and refund you or resend the package! Normal letters that get lost can not be refunded or resent, but we will file a lost shipment complaint with PostDanmark.

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Returns / cancellation
If you regret a purchase, you may within 14 days of receipt return the goods in an unaltered state for a full refund of the purchase amount. Products that have been used or modified beyond what is needed for basic testing, will not be accepted for returns.

There is a 2 year claims period in compliance with the EU consumer directive. Basically that means you have the right to complain about a defective product. If a defect arises within the first six months of purchase it falls upon the reseller to prove that this defect was not present at the time of the purchase. For the remaing 18 months the buyer has to prove that the defect was present at the time of purchase. Defects are defined as production defects, so defects that can be attributed to stress, fatigue or improper handling will be rejected!

Have you received an incorrect, faulty or defective product, it must be sent back to us. Then we'll send you the correct item or a new product. Remember to indicate the reason for the return.

For complaints about defects and shortcomings, that we can not restore with reasonable effort, a fee of 40€ plus return shipping will be charged. The fee will be charged in advance of returning the product.


Informations for EU B2B customers

EU Business customers please submit your valid EU VAT ID after your registration.

You can only register as EU B2B customer if your business is located in one of the European Union member countries.

We will validate your ID and you will be submitted to the appropriate shoppers group manually then.
25% Danish VAT will be substracted and shown on your orders page and the invoice.